Blogmas Day 11: Get Ready With Me

Hi guys and happy Sunday! I’m planning to stay in today and get some work done, but thought I’d do a quick post about my morning skin care and makeup routine first. So Without further chatter, here’s how I got ready today:

I start off in the morning by washing my face, usually with Cetaphil lotion, but today I used just a washcloth with warm water. Then I apply face products and sunscreen. Currently, I’m back to using La Mer, Creme de La Mer and The Eye Balm Intense. I always follow up with sunscreen. For the past months I’ve been using an SPF 30 from Renee Rouleau. Today I also washed my hair this morning (something I usually do at night). I love Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day, Nightcap as a leave in conditioner, even in the morning! It makes my hair smoother and more manageable than nearly any other leave in I’ve tried. I also decided to try out this sample that I received from Sephora of IGK Hydrating Hair Balm, Mistress. The goal being to see if I could get away with doing nothing more to my hair than letting it air dry today. (: Note: the picture at the top of the post shows how my hair turned out when it was nearly dry (without heat) so I think this combination might be a keeper!

Okay, now for the interesting part. Here’s how I do my makeup. This is slightly more elaborate than an everyday look (I’ll skip a lot of the eye makeup normally) but I didn’t change it up that much.

I always start things off with some sort of primer. I’m using the Meteorites primer today from Guerlain. This sort was, admittedly, pricy. But as you can see from the old packaging, it’s lasted for quite a while, at least. Then it’s straight to foundation and concealer. Today I used Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc (a shade they always seem to be out of at my local Sephora). For concealer, I use Urban Decay Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral. Afterwards I contour. I’ve been a fan of the powder contours recently and have been really liking the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette.

Next, I sometimes seal the foundation, using a loose powder. I’ve currently been grabbing Bare Minerals Mineral Veil for this, honestly, because it’s the one I tend to find first.

Then it’s on to the eyebrows. I’m currently using Anastasia’s brow pomade in blonde. I feel it gives more coverage than a powder but not as much as a pencil. I recently had my brows done and was given a quick lesson in applying brow products. I was told to start at the outside ends of the brow and work my way in towards the center of my face. This is because light generally hits the center first, making the inside parts of the brows appear lighter. If you start on the outside, less product ends up on the inside–creating a slight fading illusion. Then, I brush the product in using a round eyebrow brush to blend.

Next it’s onto the eye makeup (if I’m bothering with it–some days I go for just mascara, but I always do my brows).

Today I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. As you can see, it’s been getting a lot of use! I always try to remember to use an eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay has been my go to brand for years–probably because their eye-primers seem to last forever! Turning back to eyeshadow, I used Boun Fresco all over the lid, Antique Bronze slightly above the crease and along the bottom lash line, and Vermeer on the browbone. That horrific picture of me with my eyes closed is what it looked like before I blended (using a small circle brush).

Next I applied some Tarte cheek stain in Tickled (close to shade: Flush) and some extra highlighter, using the Hourglass Ambient Light palette. I finished my eye look using Lollipops black liner half way across from the outside corner, on the bottom waterline; Eyeko liquid liner pen on the top; and Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara. For lips, I used YSL Rouge Volumpte Sheer Candy in shade 5, Mouth Watering Berry.

Here is the finished look (with wet hair, unfortunately, but not going to bother with it today). The other picture is essentially the same look, but with lighter, nude lips and hair done. (:

So that wraps it up for Blogmas Day 11! Let me know if you like this sort of post, as it certainly has repeat potential!

Until tomorrow,




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