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Here I am

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Most of my posts here fall under the broad category of “lifestyle” blogging, but you might occasionally come across some random other topics. In short, I’m a thirty-something lawyer trying to balance work, parenting, and everything else. I’m also a ballet dancer and roller skater, but haven’t been engaging in these hobbies so much since the pandemic struck.

And here I am on Snapchat. If this doesn’t horrify you, you can find me at username: catelynch1

I live on the shore of one of the Great Lakes, in a strange old house we plan on repairing for years to come, with my husband and our daughter.


And an adorable Shih Tzu, Ludo.

Some cats also live with us.


And recently, two guinea pigs joined the family.

I work hard. And, in my spare time, roller skate. Sometimes competitively.

2015 USARS National Championships – From my expression you can tell that this is a very serious affair–never mind the sequins.

I’m also a photography and vintage clothing enthusiast, lover of tea, very amateur seamstress, and ballet dancer. I started this blog a while ago, because I thought it would be fun to document my life, share ideas, and connect with people. Hoping that’s what it accomplishes!

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