Blogmas Day 10: Riding the Polar Express

Hello, and welcome to the 10th day of Blogmas! Today was really special as Evie and I got to spend time with some wonderful friends and take a ride on the Polar Express! A railroad museum, not too far away, hosts this event every winter. This year was our first time experiencing it.


Although she was somewhat familiar with the story, Evie was a bit apprehensive about riding on the train at first. Once she boarded, however, her fear was forgotten.



On the ride, they serve cookies and cocoa. Elves, the conductor, and Santa Claus all make appearances. The picture book is also read along the way.

Everyone also wears pyjamas, just like in the story!

Santa visits with each child and all leave with a sleigh bell.


Fortunately, the weather cooperated. The kids are told the train is travelling to the North Pole to pick up Santa. It might have been a bit awkward to explain why there wasn’t any snow along the way (which was the case last year)! The scenery was actually quite lovely.


We had a lovely time today and plan to make this trip a yearly tradition.

Hope your having a great weekend, too!



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