iPhone 7+ Photography at the Apple Orchard

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! It feels a bit like I’ve blinked and now September is nearly over! Every year we go apple picking and I always take loads of photos at the orchard. Having just got my hands on the new iPhone, I thought this year’s trip would be a good opportunity to test out the camera.



I snap photos constantly, and usually carry a Samsung NX Mini in my handbag. I’m more an enthusiast than gifted photographer, but I can appreciate a good photo. To my untrained eye, the iPhone 7+ certainly takes nice pictures, but I’m not seeing a huge difference between these and photos taken on my 6+.

Trying really hard not to squint!



Taking photos in bright sunlight is still a challenge, but likely would also have been with the mini or my Canon DSLR. Despite the difficult photo conditions, it was a really lovely day!



For reference, this one was taken with the Samsung NX Mini. Still a better camera, but iPhone is catching up!

While we had a nice time, we didn’t stay long at the orchard this year. Evie would never have left, had it been up to her! To be honest, my mind was on my work. Sometimes it can be really difficult for me to turn off the portion of my brain dedicated to deadlines, briefs, and clients, long enough to relax. Getting out of the house–especially out of doors–can be helpful, but not always. Regardless, I always enjoy watching Evie have fun on our outings!


After the orchard, we stopped at Panera for a quick bite. I got the Autumn Squash Soup and an avocado, pepper, and cheese Panini (which they were able to make without the chicken). It was good, but way too much food! This is actually half portions of both!



All in all, I’m glad that we could get out (even if only for a little while). Plus, today brought these delicious apple scones (as pictured above on messy desk)! Baking could definitely have made my list of creature comforts. I find it really relaxing, that is, when I can set aside the time. The scones also smell divine whilst baking! If you’re interested, I found the recipe on this blog called Flourish.

My mom also came by today and we took Evie for a quick beach walk. Here’s another iPhone photo.

Turning again to the iPhone 7+, while I am enjoying the camera and some of the updated features, I honestly don’t see a big difference when compared to the 6+. Given that the 7 and 7+ are really pricy, I would recommend waiting to upgrade. The 7S series may be more worth the investment.

I found the 7+ attractive primarily because of the camera, although the fact that it’s waterproof was also a big selling point (clumsiness + living near beach . . . you get the picture). I don’t regret upgrading, but sort of wish I had held off a bit longer. Although I was hoping to avoid it, I plan to continue to carry a second camera with me.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. See you next weekend!



While we were off apple picking, Pudding was enjoying his Dr. Who house.

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