Shopping for First Day of Kindergarten Outfit!

I bought Evie the perfect dress for her first day of school. But Nick dressed her in it for her kindergarten orientation. Being the mini-fashionista that she is, Evie needed something new for the first day. So last night we took a trip to the mall. We had dinner at Bravo!-an Italian chain restaurant-and stopped by H&M to do some school shopping.

Here’s how it went and what we found!

I think that Evie had more fun making this video than she did at the mall. We’ll probably go with the striped shirt and sparkly skirt for Evie’s first day.


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Busy professional and parent (to 1 human, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a Shih Tzu. I enjoy blogging about this and that–generally in the wee hours of morning–in order to: (A) enable insomnia, and/or (B) not dream about the legal brief I’m currently obsessing over. I’m also a ballet dancer, competitive roller figure skater, and portrait artist.

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