Curly/Wavy Hair Update: I was pretty much wrong about everything again!

Hello there. I hope you’re finding some way to enjoy this strange 2020 holiday season!

So, about a week and a half ago I decided I’d attempt to revive my natural curls. That was a much larger undertaking than I’d anticipated! Fortunately there is a lot of guidance out there for clueless curly-haired people like me. I’ve especially found YouTube channels Manes by Mell and Jayme Jo to be invaluable on my hair restoration journey. Neither Mell nor Jayme uses the Curly Girl Method (CGM) and they both have really useful tips for achieving gorgeous curls without it.

Here’s where I’m currently at with the curls. This was after a too aggressive second day refresh. I’m learning but it’s not easy!

I’ve also been trying so many new products and techniques! I won’t get to most of them here, but the biggest change was in diffusing method. For years I diffused towel-scrunched hair, saturated with gel, by cupping the ends and scrunching with the diffuser. That resulted in dry and damaged ends with frizz on top. Both of the YouTube channels I mentioned earlier recommend hovering the diffuser over the hair until the natural curl pattern has set a bit, then scrunching. So far, this has been the biggest game changer for me.

Second day photo. Better lighting.

If anyone else is on a similar curl recovery mission, or has successfully accomplished reviving damaged curls, let me know what worked for you!

Another note, I think I’m a 2C curl type but it’s still very confusing. If anyone out there could give me some insight, I’d really love to know what type you think my hair is!

The most difficult part to make curl!

Happy holidays! I’ll try to do a post about something other than curly hair soon! 🎄

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Busy professional and parent (to 1 human, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a Shih Tzu. I enjoy blogging about this and that, generally in the wee hours of morning. I’m also a ballet dancer, competitive roller figure skater, and portrait artist. Current obsessions include: horror films, shopping for things vintage and handmade, experimenting with essential oils, and slowly restoring our big old house by the beach.

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