Working from home: holiday season edition

Hi there. Thanks for sticking around or welcome to my blog! Now if you are reading this I’m going to assume that, like me, you’ve been working from home a lot recently. I personally enjoy working from home for lots of reasons I’ve probably discussed in other posts, but around the holidays working alone can start to feel, well, lonely. I’ve put together a list of some things I incorporate into my daily work routine to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

Yes, that’s a ballet barre in the background.

Warning: this post includes products/stuff. If you have shopaholic tendencies like I do, you may want to pick another one to read. Please note, this post isn’t sponsored because I’m not popular enough for anyone to send me free stuff or pay me to review their stuff. I also don’t endorse one brand above another, do whatever works for you.

That being said, as most of you know, I’m a lawyer who writes all the time. Legal writing, not fun writing. This is my fun writing. Anyway, I’ve worked from home prior to and during the pandemic and used all of these things along the way.

Best coworker ever.

Finally, on to the things:

1. Diff computer/blue light glasses. As a migraine sufferer who spends loads of time in front of a computer, I’ve tried so many brands of blue light glasses. I’ve found Diff works best for me. I love their variety of styles (and own many different pairs). I can also wear most of them comfortably all day. They are especially useful for working at night or in lower light conditions—that’s when staring at screens becomes most problematic. Another tip: use the low light settings on your computer or night mode when working late. It really makes a difference.

2. Lap desk. While I have a home office with a real desk, I often mix it up and work at various locations around my house. My lap desk is probably at least 10 years old and I have no idea who made it. Lap desks do make a big difference in my opinion, when working anywhere other than at an actual desk. It’s something I use on a daily basis.

Blue light glasses of the day.

3. Easy access to caffeinated beverages. I drink homemade almond milk lattes (Nespresso- less fancy than it sounds) every morning and tea during the day. Since it’s the holiday season, I also recommend Winter Dream tea lattes. I have an old post on them and they are still the best.

4. Brainwave binaural programs app. I’ve used this one for years. It’s basically binaural programs (which are supposed to manipulate your brainwaves through sound) for various things, such as stress relief and focus, paired with ambient noise. I like the forest setting with “motivation” or “stress relief.”

The work from home outfit.

5. Scented candles. I have a kinda weird brief writing ritual involving scented candles from Frostbeard. When I am really stuck on a brief I like to light up their Oxford Library candle. I’ve probably created an association with writing and this scent from years of use, but scent memory is strong. Plus, their candles smell marvellous. My other favorite from Frostbeard is Sassenach (notice the book theme?). They are expensive and can get hot when burning low, but I still love them. Going with the seasonal theme of this post, I also have to mention Fresh Balsam candles from Bath & Body Works (or any other evergreen scented candles). I perpetually have these burning around this time of year.

Update! Use this link from Frostbeard and we both get $5 off (I’m not an affiliate, this offer is available to any Frostbeard customer)!

Guard dog is hard at work monitoring neighborhood activity.

6. Essential oils. Okay, okay, so I am hesitant to post this one because I am not a fan of Young Living’s MLM structure or company in general. However, I do like to diffuse their stress relief oil. An alternative would be to get the ingredients list from their site and mix it yourself using other oils. I also recommend diffusing anything woodsy around winter time. But always make sure it’s safe for any pets who will be present first.

7. Going outside. Even though it’s cold out there, I have to admit, periodic breaks help me get through long work days and nights. My dog Ludo makes certain I get outside multiple a day. I’ll sometimes put on a podcast during our lunch break or evening walks. My recent favorites are Camp Monsters and Parkdale Haunt. They may not be very festive but I can’t recommend them enough!

So there you have it. Happy working from home and stay safe and well!

This candle goes perfectly with the Camp Monsters podcast.

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