Autumn Health Goals

Hello again. Every summer it’s the same story; I have a loads of blog ideas that never quite make it to post phase. Hopefully I’ll actually post this one (if you’re reading it–success)! 

This summer I’ve been particularly busy at work, which is certainly not a bad thing, but I do feel a bit rubbish about missing out on a ton of family time. Being a parent with a demanding career is never easy. Of course spending more time with the kid is an ongoing goal (and always my #1), but I’ve got a few more I wanted to chat a bit about here. 

1. Get in shape. 

Now I know I don’t need to lose any weight, but I would like to regain some strength. For most of my life, I’ve danced ballet, resulting in killer lower body strength (which has basically disappeared in recent years). I’m planning on taking my friend’s barre class soon, which will very likely kick my ass, but should be a good start towards this goal! Hopefully I’ll also be able to fit in a few ballet classes!

2. Revamp Nutrition.

I’ve gone a bit heavy on the vitamins lately. Something I’m blaming on my new-ish Hum subscription (possible future post?). Between supplements, vitamins, and smoothies, I’m getting some fruit and veg, but could be doing better. 

When I was working from home my diet was pretty awesome. There’s nothing like being able to have your own refrigerator full of fresh produce at lunchtime! But those days have passed as I now work in a more traditional office setting again. Not working from home also has its perks (and there are many, our new office space is really great)! But homemade lunch just isn’t one of them. 

Along with upping the fresh produce in my diet, my nutrition goal is two part: 1. Take a lunch break, and 2. Take time to prepare something healthy. So far my record for both of these kinda sucks. One would think taking a lunch would be easy, but did I mention–um, busy! Just to clarify, not talking about the granola bar at desk version of lunch, I’ve got that one down. Nope, lunch should mean actually leaving one’s desk and eating something that less resembles a chocolate bar. Goals.

3. Cleaner cosmetics.

This is actually one I’ve made some progress on already! It’s common knowledge now that there are many dodgy ingredients in popular cosmetic products. As someone who tries to eat mostly organic, it seems kinda ridiculous to plaster chemical laden products on my face every morning. Earlier this summer, I began my search for wearable, quality, green beauty and personal care products. There are loads! This is definitely a topic I’d like to elaborate on in future posts, but can I say RMS and Herbivore Botanicals (swoon)!

No filters here. Natural glow courtesy of RMS Beauty (and some decent lighting).

So there you have it. Judging by the hour I’m writing this, sleep hygiene didn’t make the autumn goals cut . . . perhaps for winter? 

Thanks for reading! What goals do you have for this autumn/in general? Always looking for inspiration! 

‘Till next time,


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Busy professional and parent (to 1 human, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a Shih Tzu. I enjoy blogging about this and that, generally in the wee hours of morning. I’m also a ballet dancer, competitive roller figure skater, and portrait artist. Current obsessions include: horror films, shopping for things vintage and handmade, experimenting with essential oils, and slowly restoring our big old house by the beach.

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