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Ever since we moved into our new house in August, I have been (slowly) updating the colors and decor. The master bedroom is the first room that I have come close to finishing. While it is still a work in progress, so far we have: changed the wall colors from a spruce green to “pixel white” and pebble grey; added some wall-art/shelving; updated (some) of the bedding; and transformed the window-seat space. I have little-to-no experience as an interior designer, but I think it’s coming along quite nicely!

Of course there are lots of candles around
Fairy lights are great for reading by (back-lit) tablet before bed.
And another candle on the bedside table with some Rosebud Perfume Co. mandarin orange lip balm.
And another candle on the bedside table with some Rosebud Perfume Co. mandarin orange lip balm.

I contemplated the wall colors for quite some time before deciding to go with the light grey tones. First, I wanted a medium grey-blue, then a light blue; but I’m ultimately quite pleased with the grey. The light grey lends a calmness to the space without making it too dreary.

Sea glass from our beach walks!
Sea glass from our beach walks!
Picture shelves!

I purchased the wall picture frame shelves from Bed Bath & Beyond. They were quite reasonably priced and a quick sell. They arrived in a kit that made instillation fairly easy. But there was one problem, that some of you may have noticed in my vlog posts–they look crooked. This isn’t because they are, at least not relative to the horizon line. The kit came with a cheap level, however, and once I held it up to the wall I realized that the ceiling is not parallel to the floor. This causes both the painting over the bed and the shelves to appear slightly crooked. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and so I have a suspicion that this may drive me to distraction over time–I guess I’ll wait and see!


When I first viewed my house, I was quite smitten with the window seat. It was, however, a work in progress. Before we painted it, it was unfinished wood. Nick says that it wasn’t poor quality wood, but it did have a noticeable stamp on it. I looked everywhere for a cushion large enough to cover it, thinking that that’s just what you did with a window-seat. Finally, I realized the potential of using it for it’s levels. I love the cosy effect of the mini-furnace and candles at night. The cats (as you can see) are fans of the throw pillows and sari blanket (a favorite find from Anthropologie a few years ago).

Cat lounge.
Cat lounge.

All in all, I’m really enjoying my new bedroom. Leave a comment if you have any decorating ideas for me!

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