Should You Ever Wear Doc Martens to a Job Interview?

No. This is an easy no. At least if you are looking to work in an office job. But what about Docs as a fashion choice for one no longer in their 20s? Confession: I’ve been eyeing a pair of Dr. Martens Leona boots (on sale on Amazon), but I’m not sure I can pull them off any longer. I certainly won’t be wearing them to the office, but what about outside of the office?

You see lovely reader, I have too many shoes already and way too many boots (my personal favorite iteration of footwear). I am therefore trying to stop myself from impulsively purchasing another pair, especially if said pair will make me feel awkward while wearing them in public. While I do love the asthetic of a chunky boot with a floral dress (something I think the 1990s got right), I’ve owned/own Docs and they are not always as comfortable or flattering as you would think. In fact, I just sold a pair on Poshmark that I hadn’t touched in around 10 years (they do at least hold onto some value, which is certainly a plus).

Dr. Marten Leona Boots photo from Amazon

It’s hard for me to mindfully shop for apparel or anything else. Because I work on the computer, often until the wee hours, I tend to be more susceptible to click bait than most. When you have been typing away at a brief for 9 or so hours, any distraction is welcome (although decidedly unproductive). And purchasing a bad ass pair of Docs feels rebellious in a good way. It isn’t, though. It’s just another form of escapism, at least in my case. Purchasing something gives me a momentary feeling of security. If I can afford this thing, I must be in a good place, right? I mean, I’m working hard and I deserve it, right? But it is never that simple and the good feelings are always short-lived.

I’m not even close to my 20s anymore. While, I admit, I ordered the boots, in the course of writing this post I canceled said order. They just aren’t for me. I’m not saying anyone (except me) is too old to pull off new Docs. I’ve seen lots of pictures of others managing it quite well. But I know this impulse buy would only collect dust in my closet and take up valuable shoe space that I can’t really spare.

In the meantime, I’ll be drooling over some Doc alternatives (that I also can’t afford – but my birthday is coming up! 😉). For the record, none of these scream job interview ready, however, I’d gladly wear them almost anywhere else.

The Office of Angela Scott (sigh).
And these Balmain boots from the Real Real.
Also from the Real Real.

Again, the Real Real.

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