Current Favorite Essential Oil Blends

I feel as though this post has been awhile coming. Over the past year, I’ve become a complete essential oil devotee!

Essential oils sparked my curiosity years ago, but last spring, a friend’s enthusiasm for EOs (during yoga sessions) rekindled my interest. For the better part of 2017, my EO collection has been growing exponentially! What began with a small desk diffuser has evolved to DIY topical blends, sprays, and may other projects. Along the way I’ve learned quite a bit. Although I’m certainly no expert, I’d love to share some recipes and tips on the blog!

I particularly love aromatherapy blends that enhance relaxation and focus. After quite a bit of experimenting. My two current favorites would have to be a mix of conifer oils, and a simple blend of rose otto and angelica.

Autumn makes me long for the forest, towering old conifers, the fresh tang of balsam. I wanted to recreate a scent reminiscent of a walk in the woods on a crisp autumn day. This blend certainly evokes those memories.

To start, I used a clean, glass, rollerball container–available for a reasonable price in bulk on Amazon. I added 2-7 drops of each of these oils. But to be honest, I don’t think all of the oils I used are necessarily to achieve a similar effect. Fir balsam, pine, and spruce were the oils I chose to add more of (7 drops of pine and 5 drops each of balsam and spruce), but this was completely personal preference. I find those 3 oils the most pleasant of the group.

Forest Blend

Start with 10 ml glass rollerball container for a topical oil or small glass container for a diffuser blend, and add the following:

-7 drops of Pine (needle);

-5 drops Balsam Fir; 

-5 drops Spruce;

-3 drops Juniper Berry; 

-2 drops Cypress;

-2 drops Blue Cypress; and

-2 drops Silver Fir.

-If creating a rollerball blend, complete the mixture with your carrier oil(oils mixed with EOs to aid in longevity and dilute to a safe ratio) of choice.

Important: essential oils can cause adverse or allergic reactions and should not be used on children or pets without expert guidance (and I’m no expert). I recommend testing any topical mixture on a small area of skin before applying liberally. It’s also a good ideal to consult a physician or individual trained in aromatherapy, especially if you have known allergies or sensitivities.  

Lately I’ve been using fractionated coconut oil to dilute my rollerball blends (again, inexpensive on Amazon, even for organic). Other carrier oils (oils mixed with EOs to aid in longevity and dilute to a safe ratio) I really like are jojoba oil, meadowfoam, and hazelnut oil. Different carrier oils are great for different purposes, but it seems fractionated coconut oil will work for most, making it a good one to start off with.

My EO collection consists primarily of Eden’s Garden oils. I’ve used the brand for years and find it trustworthy and more cost-effective than some of the others. I’m not stuck on just one brand, however, and enjoy some oils from Floracopeia, DoTerra, and elsewhere.

My other current go to blend is quite different from the first, floral, light, and reassuring. Rose and angelica oils are said to decrease anxiety and create feelings of wellbeing, aspects I certainly find beneficial.


This blend took a bit of adjustment to get right. In the end, I used about 3-4 parts rose otto to 1 part angelica and mixed with coconut oil. I don’t find the angelica particularly pleasant on its own, but blended, the scents are divine. The trick seems to be to end up with a mixture of 75% rose to 25% angelica.

Both of these blends are also divine diffused! I’m always looking for more EO recipes. If you have any suggestions, please share!



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