Blogmas Day 1: Holiday Makeup

I can’t believe it’s December already! Although I’ve had this blog for over a year, I haven’t been the best at posting regularly (massive understatement). So this Blogmas thing, it might be a stretch. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, Blogmas is basically posting daily from 1st December up until Christmas. It’s like having an online Advent calander–but without the chocolates. Still, I’m excited to give it a try!

I thought I’d start Blogmas off by showing you guys a bit about my current makeup routine. I know, I know, there are so many beauty blogs out there! Many of them by actual makeup artists (“not I” said this businesswoman). I don’t intend to show you anything revolutionary about makeup or fashion. But maybe I can give you some ideas, get some suggestions from you, or if all else fails, provide some comic relief! (:

So this is the stuff I’m currently putting on my face:


Primer: Hourglass No.28. This is the best if you have skin that’s on the dry side and it’s my go-to primer in winter.

Foundation: La Mer, Skincolor De La Mer in shade 01-Creme. Wow, this is ancient! I’m not even sure they have the same formula now, and they definitely have different packaging. I found it in an old makeup bag, hardly used. Fortunately, it seems not to have gone off, (or is it unfortunately, because that likely means it’s loaded with preservatives?). I didn’t like this foundation when I first purchased it (which is likely why I forgot about it for so long). But it’s starting to grow on me. The reason I was not enthused about it before is because of its rather heavy coverage. That’s not necessarily bad, but before the days of contouring, it was just too monochrome, if that makes sense. I think contouring actually looks more natural than painting my face all one color (when used in moderation, of course).

Contour: I’m currently using this powder contour: Too Faced Cocoa Contour in Light to Medium. I’ve used the Maskcara contour palettes for years, and love them, but I wanted to try powder as opposed to cream contour. This does the job. The palette comes with two dark shades and two highlights. The colors aren’t too warm, which is nice. They also apply really smoothly.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes. This is also something I’ve had forever. I have a few different brow products and mix it up pretty regularly, so they all last forever! This one is nice because the powders blend well and are buildable. As someone who has gone too dark with brows in the past (and consequently had to remove all makeup and start over) this is a useful feature. It also came with a nice angled brush.

Eyeshadow: I actually used the eyeshadow from the Anastasia brow palette as a highlight on my browbone. For the lid/crease, I kept it simple, only using one color: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Galaxy. I love this stuff! It goes on very smoothly, is easy to blend, and generally foolproof. I can’t always pull off gray eyeshadow, but this one is the exception.

Mascara: benefit, They’re Real. This is not my usual mascara but it was the first one I found. It’s not bad really, but I don’t find it spectacular either.

Lipstick: Mac, Ruby Woo. I don’t often wear red, but it is the color for holiday parties, so I thought I’d include it for Blogmas. (: Having said that, Ruby Woo is the perfect shade for a bold, red lip. It’s not too blue or orange, and I love the matte finish. It’s also not too drying, which is rare for a matte lipstick. I can literally apply this once and it will last all day.

Setting Powder: Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil. I don’t always use this, but find it works well for setting more creamy/moisturizing foundations (like the La Mer). It actually isn’t that hydrating, however, and has dried out my skin in the past.

Here are the products I left out above

Eyeliner: Eyeco, Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner. This came in a Glossybox. I use it when I am feeling brave because it is really easy to get badly wrong! Even after using liquid liner markers on and off for a couple of years, I still rarely get each eye to look similar! When I can get it right, it’s great!

Blush: Hourglass, Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow. I love how this gives a hint of color and a lot of highlight. It is one of my most reached for products.

Highlight: Guerlain, Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls in Radiant Finish. To be honest, I skipped the highlighter today, but when I remember, these work nicely. I’ve also used them as a finishing powder, in place of the Bare Minerals in the past. 

Also Pictured: Benefit Roller Lash. This is the mascara I was looking for! (:

I can’t believe I’ve gone on about makeup for this long! It seems like a lot when you write it all out! To be honest, this makeup look only took about 15 minutes. I don’t always use all of these products, either, and often resort to more of a 5-minute routine.

This is the casual outfit I’m wearing this evening (paired with above makeup):

I think a red lip can look quite nice dressed down. Especially during the holiday season!  

What I’m wearing (in case you’re wondering): jumper: gift from my mom!; jeans: M.I.H. couple of years old but these are close; necklace: Anna Saccone Zodiac.

And here’s a slightly dorkier version of myself rocking the computer glasses.

Let me know if you like this kind of post. Talk to you tomorrow, Blogmas Day 2!



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