Blogmas Day 18: Winter Skin Regimen Part 2-Cleanse & Exfoliate

Hi Guys! Glad to see you back for Blogmas Day 18! Today’s post, and the second part of my winter skin prep series, deals with an often minimized skin care step–washing your face! While moisturizer and lotions can do a lot to fight dry winter skin, the wrong cleansing routine can really limit any benefit gained from them.

My skin is totally different from summer to winter, and the products I love during the warmer months become drying and irritating when the weather gets cold. I’ve put together some tips here that I use when choosing winter face cleansing products. While everyone’s skin is different, if you also suffer from annoyingly dry skin in winter, I hope some of these can help.

Skip the soap. As in bar soap, detergent based formula, or any cleanser that produces suds. The drying effect could really take a toll in winter. Most soaps I’ve tried, no matter how gentle they claim to be, always leave my face feeling tight and, well, dry. Instead of soap, try a cream, oil, or lotion-based cleanser. There are tons to choose from, for nearly every skin type. I currently use Cetaphil lotion or just plain water and a washcloth in the morning and Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm in the evening (which is wonderful at removing makeup). I also like Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing, Face Cleansing Gel (second picture below). The texture is somewhat like Vaseline, but it’s great at removing makeup as well.

Don’t forget your washcloth. Especially when using a thicker cream or oil-based cleanser. This simple step can save so much time when removing makeup and also act as an exfoliant.

Don’t wait to apply moisturizer. Although it may be tempting to let your skin “breathe” for a while before applying moisturizer, serum, etc., the simple truth of the matter is, it can’t. Because we are not earthworms or amphibians, most of us get air into our lungs in the traditional manner, and that isn’t through our skin. While your skin isn’t taking a nice breath of fresh air sans product, it could be drying out. Most moisturizing products (no matter then medium) will work better if you apply them right after washing.

Exfoliate. Winter skin at its worst, is dry, flaky, and becomes a horror show when you apply makeup. There aren’t many cleansers alone that can prevent this, and no moisturizer I’ve tried can. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate. Whether your into gadgets or goop, there are tons of options on the market today for this purpose. Although the microdermabrasion gadgets work best for me, there isn’t always time to use (or recover from) them, and it isn’t good to use them too often (definitely not more than once a week). When looking for a good exfoliating face product, I usually go with minerals/crystals over plant-based products. For instance, an exfoliator that uses sugar or salt will always work better for me than one using only almonds. My current favorites are Kate Somerville, Exfolikate and Befine Exfoliating Cleanser With Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond, and Oats (based on experience with other almond or oat-based products, this one works because of the sugar).

Hoping some of you found these tips helpful! See you tomorrow for Blogmas day 19!



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